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Health & Safety


Water in Budapest is perfectly safe to drink from the tap, however, in bars, restaurants and hotels you will find bottled water widely available.

Medical Care:

This is a booming sector in Hungary and many western visitors to Budapest come for the purposes of medical "tourism" which can be anything from a spa break to treat arthritis or for dental work and plastic surgery. For the casual tourist, however, treatment is considered adequate and is on a par with most other developed nations. UK citizens must have an EHIC card (available at a post office or online prior to travel) to receive free/ reciprocal cost treatment at hospitals in Hungary. Many hotels will have an emergency doctor if you are taken unwell during your stay or will be able to advise on alternative medical attention such as private hospitals if required. As with any country, if you require regular medication, it is advisable to bring this with you rather than relying on getting this at a pharmacy during your stay. One of the main hospitals is the Szent László Hospital located at Gyáli ut 5-7 (tel +36 (06)1-455-8100).