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Museum of Terror

Dark tourism is tourism involving places that have a history of death and tragedy. Nothing comes much darker than the Museum of Terror on Andrássy út which opened in 2002. This aptly name museum traces the history of the savage authoritarian regimes of the Nazi occupation years and the long, dark post-war communist era. It also serves as a memorial to the victims and survivors of these regimes. Exhibits include material relating to the secret police (AVH) of the communist period, the fascist Arrow Cross Party and deals with torture, surveillance and loss of liberty. It is certainly not an easy place to visit but is both fascinating and rewarding for those wishing to discover more about the darker side of Hungarian and European history and the human psyche. Centrally located on Andrássy út, you can reach the museum by taking the underground (line 1) to Vörösmarty utca or take the tram (number 4 or 6) to Oktogon.