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Statue (Memento) Park

This must be one the most bizarre tourist attractions in Budapest if not in the whole of Europe. After the fall of the communist regime in 1989-1990, most countries were very quick to pull down and melt down the huge, iconic communist staues of Lenin, Stalin and various other communist-era leaders. Hungary was different in this respect and some visionary people set to work to gather together these poignant reminders of authoritarian rule. What transpired is a unique look at some of the most stunning and imposing statues and memorials from this era in the form of a park which has become a popular tourist destination. Although it is located a little way out of the centre of Budapest, it is very much worth a look. To get there your best bet is to take the direct bus from Deák tér (where three of the Budapest underground lines interesect). We recommend that you leave half a day to make the most of your visit and the plethora of great picture opportunities.