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Capital of Hungary, expressive of neo classical architecture, sojourn environment and natural wonders, Budapest has every reason to attract tourists. Coming to Budapest for the first time? Be dazzled with a walk through Andrassy Avenue, a world heritage site connecting City Centre with City Park. Known for Neo Renaissance palaces and world class architecture, it can spellbind any passerby. On the natural front, Danube River is the right choice to explore the only connector bridge between Buda and Pest. Experience cruise tour to check out favored destinations around River banks. Get your spirits high with fine dining and choicest of wines to indulge in.

If that works wonder; then, take a dip in its thermal waters with healing touch. Called as “city of baths”, relax your senses in one of its historical baths like Szechenyi Baths, Gellert Baths, Rudas Baths, Csaszar Baths, Kiraly Baths and many more. Had a relaxing dip? Head on to Heroes Square, a renowned place built to commemorate 1000 years of Hungary. With Museum of Fine Arts on one side and Hall of Art on other, the pillar stands tall to represent those 1000 years with Archangel Gabriel standing with holy crown and cross of Christianity. Buy antique and modern stuff at Ecseri Flea Market. With so many options and more to explore in Budapest, it turns out to be an affordable place to enjoy peaceful holiday experience.

all in love with Budapest, the Hungarian capital in every season. Though, summers witness a whole lot of tourists to this place; still, other seasons are not quiet too. It is the spring season that rings the bell in March, April and May with temperatures rising to a maximum of 25 degree. The city awakens to a blossoming time that reflects exotic beauty in its true form. Certainly, the weather is little unpredictable with winds blowing and sun caressing the atmosphere. Taking a walking tour or experiencing Budapest Spring festival or even festivities on its National Holiday (15th March) is the ultimate option to look for.

Followed by Spring is the summer (June, July and August), with temperatures rising to a peak of 30 degrees. It is the perfect time to explore outdoor activities or enjoying evenings at some of the well known cafes or restaurants. One can experience sudden showers that might act as bliss in hot weather. Next in the row is Autumn season (September, October and November). Indeed, early Autumn months are ideal for sightseeing tours and exploring majestic Budapest. Though, the November can witness a drop in temperature to 0 degree. And winters are very chilly with temperatures dropping to even minus 5 degree. But, various indoor activities and experiencing snow clad structures is the perfect option for tourists in winters too. So, Budapest has something for everyone in each season.

Not only a picturesque town with Neo Classical architecture and healing baths, Budapest is also a home to some special delicacies reflecting Hungarian taste that may not be available elsewhere. The eatery stars keep rising as a part of culinary revolution with lip smacking delicacies. Pubs, dining restaurants, local eating stalls or coffee houses, you will get to experience a whole new flavor of continental dishes. Michelin Stars Restaurant, Onyx Restaurant, Borkonyha Restaurant, Café Cor, Gresham Kavehaz, Menza, Voros Postakocsi and even Goa are some of the restaurants that offer exotic food and old architecture.

Wish to eat Indian stuff? Indian restaurants in Budapest offer just the right choice of dishes with delectable drinks. Salaam Bombay, Taj Mahal, and Shalimar are the noted ones to check out. If Indian dishes are not on your list; check out French restaurants that will give you a feel of sitting in Paris and tasting its culinary art form. Pavilion De Paris, Arcade Bistro, Chez Daniel, Le Bourbon, Café Chagall, and Noir et l’or café are some of the fresh restaurants presenting a mix of French and other European dishes.

To wonder you all, Budapest also presents some wonderful Japanese Restaurants that will make you indulge in Asian dishes. Nobu being the most famous, travelers can also look for others like Itoshii, Ramenka, Komachi Bistro, Planet Sushi, Kyoto, Wasabi, and Okuyama are some names to reckon. With a cultural mix of dishes, you will experience whole world’s gastronomic art under a roof in Budapest

Dance to the melody, shake your bon-bon, eat the best and drink it all night! That’s the nightlife of Budapest. From pubs to dance bars, dining restaurants, concert halls and clubs, you will see the lights dazzle your eyes in the night. The most famous one is night party cruise to let you indulge in some rocking music, delectable delicacies and tasty wines. 360 Bar, Raqpart, A30 bar, Abszolut Pallinika, Akacfa Sorozo, Akvarium Club, Andante Wine Bar, Andersen Pub, Baltazar Budapest, Barba Negra Music Club, Borkonyha, and Boutiq’ Bar are gem attractions of Budapest’s nightlife.

From fine dining to happening music, variety of cocktails, high quality food, and smoking sections, you will get to see a different Budapest in night. The service is hospitable and demands 10 percent of the total bill as tip, which is a rule. Even, the sports pub in Budapest offers some indoor games and club activities. And not to forget the dance bars that will make you check out some strip dances as well as other forms of dances too. If you do not feel like dancing to the rock music; go to concert hall or state opera house to enjoy a different angle of music. Budapest is a destination that offers more than tourists can think.