To dial Budapest from outside of the country, you should dial the international dialling code for Hungary - +36 followed by 1 for Budapest and then the number you wish to reach. If you are dialling from within Hungary, dial 06 followed by 1 and then the number.


As you would expect, as a major European capital, post offices can be found throughout Budapest although the main post office is located at Petofi Sandor u 17-19, 1052 Budapest, Hungary. You can call them on +36 (06)1-317-5500.


As a leading country in terms of adopting new technology, you will find internet cafes throughout the city as well as free wi-fi in many hotels, shopping centres, restaurants and bars. If your hotel does not have wi-fi access they will be able to tell you the nearest place.


If you are looking for news of what is happening in Budapest during your stay, the Budapest Sun free newspaper has extensive listings of events, cinema and theatre timings as well as many ideas for what to do during your stay. Other useful free newspapers/ pamphlets include Scene and Budapest Panorama.